Hair Weave Testimonies

​100% SATISFACTION each and every time. Ms. Kim you are truly a Weaveologist.  Your skills and technquesa re amazing. I've had numerous hair weaves over the years and not one  can hold a candle to your technique.  It's so natural ( no lumps or bumps ) and everyone who has seen me loves it... they can't tell it's a weave ( Best Kept Secret Girlfriend ). You've made me feel as if I were your one and only client by sharing your legendary stories and providing me with valuable tips on how to maintain and style my hairweave. You are a true profesfsional in every sense of the word, one who cares about eacha nd every client who walks thru the door. Not only have I met a talented professional, I've made a friend for life !  I can honestly yourself a favor and call for the hair weave consultation... you will be SO glad you did !

Another satisfied "Cutie on Duty"

​R. Booker / Annandale, VA

​Thank you so much for the expert artistry in creating my beautiful new look. Everyone at home loves my hair and so do I. I enjoyed your company and the professionalism. I ust say, I was a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect. But not only did you do an excellent job in weaving, but I was extremely impressed with your acutting and styling ability. Some people just add hair to your head, but you made the hair come alive with your gift of cutting and styling to compliment my face and total look !

Thanks again !!

I look forward to driving up and seeing you in February.

Yours truly, Sabrina / Virginia Beach, VA

I hope you are doing well. Please accept my sincerest apology for not  writing sooner. I'd like to thank you for making me "The New Cutie on Duty" ! Everyone loves my hair ! It is so natural. Even my Daddy couldn't believe it with his own eyes !

It has been over a month since you did my hair and it is still holding up beautifully. I can style my hair in so many ways with EASE ! !  Thank you ! Thank you !

I am jst waiting  for my ture love to return from Iraq, so he can see this GREAT hair ! I will be following up with you for an appointment in the future. Thanks Again.

N.F. / Washington D.C.

I have visited many different salons, trying many different styles to cover up my alopecia, but nothing seemed to work to my satisfaction and I was very insecure. But Ms. Kim has truly performed a miracle ! I have my confidence back and I am ready to come out of my shell. I will be a life long customer. This is truly a blessing.

R.L.L / Baltimore, Maryland

​Thanks for a great hair weave. My husband and I took a vacation in our nation's capital, Washington DC. While there I found out why New York Hair Weave clients are coming to Hair Improvement in  Alexandria, VA. Great Hair Weave ....this truly is  " The Best Kept Secret, Girlfriend " !

LT  / New York, NY

​I am really excited about my new hair weave. Kim has done a tremendous job on my hair. What is so amazing is that it feels so smooth ( no lumps, or bumps ). I can put it in a ponytail or bun without anyone knowing, it is virtually unnoticeable !

There is a story I'd like you to hear about my brother....

I was at my graduation, and it was the first time he had seen me since my new hair weave by Kim. God knows he has seen all the horrible hair weaves I've had in the past and he has given me a fiar share of disapproval of them. Anyway, when he saw me for the first time.. he just looked ! Then he s ays, "Sis, you're getting old, naw huh!" I said, "Why?" He says, "Because you now have one grey hair." Then he proceeded to take the grey out, and I say, "No, don't touch my grey, don't you know that's bad luck!!"

Till this day he does not know - our little secret ( wink ) !!!

Sincerely, Dr. T.K. / Louisiana

​My man didn't care for my weaves prior to Kim doing my hair. Now when Kim does my hair he raves about how shiny, natural and soft it is. He says it makes hi feel mannish. Thanks Kim for adding spice to my relationship !

My sisters and all my friends can't believe how beautiful my hair has grown. They want to know what kind of vitamins I'm taking !!

DK / Maryland

​I have searched all over and now I have found  you ! Kim is like an artist. I have never been this satisfied and pleased with my hair. It looks unbelievably natural. I have  never received so many compliments. Kim has so much knowledge and experience. Making the 3 hour drive is not a problem. In fact I love  making the drive because I know how wonderful my hair is going to look after I see Kim ! 

Thanks for everything !!

​DS / Lynchburg, VA

I am a professional that travels a lot, the hair weave that Kim does for me is an undetectable weave. My hair weave moves and acts like my own hair, men compliment me on my hair where ever I go. My friends don't know I wear the Asian Hair Weave done by Kim. It really is the " Best Kept Secret, Girlfriend ! "

Kim also showed me how to maintain my weave, thank the lord I found her !!

​LS / Virgina

​I love Kim. My boyfriend loves it and cannot keep his hands off. We sest a wedding date and he said I must get my hair done by Kim. She is incredible and she's Asian and weave smooth ! 

P.S. No one even knows I have a weave. The touch in incredible.

​Ebony / Rockville, MD

​I have been coming to Hair Improvement for almost 3 years now. The service is great. The hair looks very natural and no one knows I wear a weave. I would recommend Hair Improvement to anyone who wants high quality service and great hair products.

TW / Silver Springs, MD

I am working in Africa on the Conflict Resolution Program. I could not wait to tell you what I have seen ! Many people residing in Africa are wearing hair weaves, but they looks just awful ! 

You did an excellent job on my hair when  I was there, no one here knows I wear a hairweave. When it is hot I am able to put it up and it still looks good. I have not found anyone that comes close to your excellent weaves. Look forward to seeing you again when I am back in the states.  

​Kelly B. / Arlington, VA

I received my first hair weave from Hair Improvement about 2 months ago and love the way it holds and looks. I use a human hair closure and was very happy to find that they have a great line of the closures at this salon and for a better price then I was able to get them. I see that they also carry lace front wigs and actually seen a client with the lace front wig and it looks so natural the way they attach it. Thanks for making  me look GOOD ! 

Marcia / Washington DC Metro Area

Love the freedom the Chinese Hairweave provides. I truly can put my hair in ponytails and not have to worry about someone seeing those unsightly tracks. Plus I love the extra security that this weave provides. And with the highlights no one would guess it is a weave. For me it is a drive, but worth it...Hair Improvement THANKS !!!

WR / Charlottsvile, VA

​Hair Improvement made a believer out of  me. They really are "The Best Kept Secret, Girlfriend !"  

 I love the work they do.

​JG / New Jersey

​I had a bad hairweave from another salon it made me embarrassed to go out. When I found Hair Improvement they corrected my hair weave and now it is a very natural looking with no lumps, they custom blended my hair color and texture. Now my social life is great ! 

KT / Washington DC

I have been a  customer of Kim's, who provides hair weaving service at Hair Improvement, for 9 years ! I have been very satisfied with her work. No one has any idea they I have a hair weave, the tracks do not show. I have been to other shops in the area and was never satisfied with the results, you could see the tracks and the color was never matched with my own. Service at Hair Improvement is very professional and friendly.

DW  / Falls Church, VA

I wanted to get a hair weave and my husband said I would need to pay for it. After getting an amazing hairweave at Hair Improvement, my husband was so impressed that he said he would pay me back for the weave ! I was impressed too !

BB / Marlow Heights, MD

​Dear Kim, Thank you so much for doing my hair and thanky you for all the extra TLC ! I really appreciate your advice, your taking care of my scalp, the brush and all of your dirty jokes ! This is by far the best hairweave I ever had and I am crazy about the cut ! I am definately the "cutie on duty" ! Thanks again  Kim,  I am referring everyone to you !

With Love,

​Suzanne / Hagerstown, MD

Ms. Kim is an exceptional hairstylist. I had a fear of getting a hair weave, but she showed me there's nothing to fear. She really cares about her customers and makes sure that they're very happy, before she starts and after. I will definately be coming back t her for years to come. she is amazing and beyond caring!

-A.W. / Alexandria, VA

​CALL  703-660-8600  FOR A CONSULTATION  !  ( You will be glad you did. ) We also handle clients who suffer hair loss from chemical or caner treatment ! We also do Lace Front Wigs, Indian Hair, Relax Hair, Gana  Hair, Remi Hair or any texture of hair you wish. We have a full line of human hair closures and  lace front wigs, so check with us before purchasing.

Professional Hair Weave for the Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. area.

I've been going to Hair Improvement for several years now and my hair looks great. I've been to several hair salons before and was unhappy with the results, either the tracks were showing, the hair was too bulky or unnatural, people could tell I had a weave.  The first day I arrived at Hair Improvement and met with Kim, she made me feel comfortable and she was so knowledgeable about hair weaving. When Kim finished  my weave, I was so amazed with my hair, I could not believe it was a weave. I looked fantastic ! Plus the way they did the weave helped my hair grow. I recommend if you are interested in getting a hair weave, call and make an appointment for a consultation with Kim and be the next "cutie on duty" !

​Shrell Carson / Alexandria, VA

​Trust me if I a willing to make the trip from Raleigh, North Carolina to Alexandria, Virginia... they must be GOOD ! Discovered them while in the Washington D.C. area and once I moved to Raleigh I could find no match, they are that good.

VE / Raleigh, NC

​I have been coming to Hair Improvement for 5 years. I've tried other hair weaves, but was not satisfied till I came here. Hair Improvement will give you what you desire in hair design. No one knows I wear a weave and I get many compliments on my hair.  Hair Improvement is versatile in hair design and my hair has actually grown while wearing the hair weave. Thanks Hair Improvement for bringing out the beauty in me. 

DT  Alexandria, VA

​I've been coming to Kim for 18 years. I had cancer and my hair came out, but grew back in thru treatment and care of Kim. You cannot see the tracks and I can put my hair in different styles and feel very confident about my weave. 

AC / Maryland

I suffer from medical hair loss. I have went from hair salon to hair salon searching for a natural looking hair weave. I finally found it here. i can only encourage others not to waste as much money as I did searching for a good looking weave, call the folks at Hair Improvement and come in and talk with them.

I told them what I wanted (brought in a couple pictures from magazines) and they gave me an exact price. The price did not change once I came back in for the hair weave ! They are Great 

VG / Southeast D.C.

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We appreciate these testimonies, but also understand that one of the main reasons women come to our salon for a hair weave is because they do not want others to know they have a weave. Therefore we do not give their full name. They are active clients and you may meet them at the salon while getting a consultation or getting your weave​​.