• 30 minute consultation !
  • ​asian hair weave
  • custom blending
  • 100%  human hair
  • over 25 years weaving experience
  • services for clients suffering hair loss from chemotherapy
  • any texture you wish
  • natural and longest lasting hair weave available !

We Correct Problem Hair Weaves !

The Asian Hair Weave method provides one of the most natural and longest lasting hair weaves available.  Put your hair up, tie it in ponytails, braid your hair, all without the embarrassing lumps ! Whether you want hair to your neck or to the middle of your back, the Asian Hair Weave provides a secure method of attaining this !

Using the best quality, 100% human hair, we provide custom blending, perfect match to the color and texture of your existing hair.  With over 25 years experience the hair weave experts at Hair Improvement are ready to provide superior service and product.

We also handle clients who suffer hair loss from chemical or cancer treatment ! We have a full line of Lace Front Wigs and 100% Human Hair Closures.  We also work with Indian Hair, Relax Hair, Gana Hair, Remy Hair or any texture of hair you wish.

Hair Improvement