Weddings and Weaves

Thankful for a Gorgeous Weave and A Lot of Love on My Big Day

​Like it is for most people who are in the process of planning a wedding, preparing for mine had been hectic and stressful and taken up so much of not only my time but also that of my mother’s, father’s, soon-to-be-husband’s and some of our closest friends’. Thank goodness that on the actual day I was able to - despite the craziness - marry the love of my life, be surrounded by amazing people and have my hair look gorgeous thanks to an awesome weave from Hair Improvement! 

​Though, leading up to the big day, if it wasn’t one thing that was making me rethink my fiancé’s idea of running off to Vegas to elope, it was another – Uncle Ryan couldn’t sit near Aunt Miriam due to their troubled past, I had no idea how I wanted to wear my hair on the big day, our first couple of locations for where we wished to hold our reception were out of the question due to budget or timing, my bridesmaid Jessica had to back out of the wedding at the last minute, I couldn’t seem to locate the right shoes to go with my dress, etc. So I had really wanted for the actual day of our wedding to be as care-free and lovely as possible; like the super fun party I had always imagined. 

Of course, there is absolutely no one in the world who could have a wedding without a hitch or two or three… or several dozen. I’m slightly exaggerating here but really, so many things about planning my wedding had thrown me for a loop and had made me want to turn into a seriously deranged “bridezilla”, you know, the type of bride who gets all crazy dramatic on her family and friends. And I almost did get that way! “Almost” being the key word here.

While everything had started out amazingly wonderful - the engagement was super exhilarating (!) - things got really stressful really fast. The excitement of our engagement lasted for what felt like a mere few seconds as we pretty quickly decided to call our loved ones and announce our engagement on some social media websites like Facebook; then, suddenly, our family, friends and even acquaintances started asking when the big day was going to be. It was as though they figured we had everything planned out immediately and did not wish to relish in the fact that we had just gotten engaged. Granted, maybe we should have waited to make the announcement but it’s so hard to hold back good news, you know? 

​From there, the stage was set to start planning the spectacular and eventful day. At least that was how my mom felt. While I was just starting to peer through magazines, books and websites to get some wedding ideas (as I honestly just wanted to take my time), my mother was spending what felt like the majority of her free time pouring through any and all ideas she came across for my wedding, then calling or mailing/emailing me her ideas. I swear some form of communication or another from her would come at me every few minutes or so. And while I definitely appreciated it, I also found it extremely overwhelming, especially when I wasn’t even entirely sure of how my fiancé and I wanted the overall feel and look of the wedding to be.

My mom and I got through it after some – okay, many - bickering matches ensued, though. And it helped to remind myself that my mother meant well and was only doing all of this out of love for me. Plus, it really helped having her look into all of these details and ideas for and with me and that she was working with and supporting me on planning my wedding when I felt extremely out of my element, as many brides do

​One of the hardest parts of planning was finding a location that would work for us. My mother and I found ourselves spending several hours at some of the places we wished to hold the ceremony and reception until we realized that for one reason or another, those locations would not work out. On one particular occasion while we were out searching for a venue, my father joined us and found himself marveling at how patient my mom and I had been when he felt that just one day of conversing, driving around and looking into venues was pretty daunting. Granted, he was a trooper for coming out with us, but after that day, he said he’d rather hang in the background of the wedding planning and we couldn’t blame him.

​My then fiancé and some of our wedding party also joined my mom and me on a couple of occasions to view venues and do some other planning for the big day and they, too, found it extremely exhausting. Honestly, I think the only person who could really take the heat of all of the searching and preparing was my mom, because I personally felt like I would drown in the pool of wedding planning and somehow, my mom was able to keep swimming!

All of the insanity of planning aside, the day of the wedding was not as troublesome as the prepping had been and while there were still a few minor hitches, they were definitely nothing we couldn’t handle. Of course, no matter what, you want things to run as smoothly as possible on your big day but that’s what your awesome wedding party is for! They made sure that neither I nor my then fiancé felt anymore overwhelmed or concerned about our wedding than we had to be and that was really great. And fortunately, as well, my amazing hair dresser Kim from Hair Improvement made my hair weave look fantastictotally made for a wedding; completely my style! And even better, the weave was so sturdy that (pardon my minor vulgarity) my husband was unable to pull it out when we got intimate that night! That was definitely the highlight of the day. You know, aside from marrying the love of my life!